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December 9, 2011
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MM: Makie Sonozaki by CamiIIe MM: Makie Sonozaki by CamiIIe

for :iconmorphos-metaphor:(c):iconlacelazier:

N a m e Makie Sonozaki

A g e: 15

G e n d e r: Female

B i r t h d a y: December 16

Y e a r L e v e l: Year 1

W e a p o n: Balisong, given to her by her childhood best friend Akito Yamamoto

Akito was one of the housekeeper's son who grew up in the slums in a very young age. Makie's father later took them in and provided them a home inside the Inn in exchange for their services.

Being the only child in Makie's age who works inside the Inn they became friends immediately.

When Akito finds out that Makie was about to go to the privilege schoool, Higashimori Highschool. He gave her his balisong. So that when trouble arises even though his not there the balisong would be able to protect Makie if used properly.

A r c a n a: I Magician

Ar c a n a R a n k: 4

S u i t: Wands

H e i g h t: 5'3"

W e i g h t: 128 lbs

N a t i o n a l i t y: Japanese

L i k e s:
• Pranks
• Playing her PSP, DDR, and other games
• Listening to music
• Dancing
• Eating Ramen.
• Salty food

D i s l i k e s:
• Spicy and sweet food
• Getting busted from misbehaving
• Horror movies
• Bugs
• Camping out

R e l a t i o n s h i p:
She's happily dating Shuichi Ito who she confessed to way back during summer, surprisingly he agreed to go out with her, and they've been going out ever since. being a happy and bubbly couple in campus.

P e r s o n a l i t y:
She's usually bubbly and cheerful most of the time, and can be considered clumsy and annoying sometimes. She's very curious and would seek out stalk anyone who has caught her interest. She's friendly as well, but due to her annoying personality and a couple of things pranking people tend to avoid her.

She's an awful cook. She spends most of her time in the kitchen back in the inn and try to ruin most of the dishes with salt.

She's quite athletic, but due to an accident back then when she was preschool, her father forbids her to take up on any sporting activity. She ignores her father's warning of course, provoking her father even more, which she enjoys doing.

She acts boyish and tough in front of other people. But in reality she's actually a coward, she will either back out or run away once caught in a fight.

S t r e n g t h s:
• Speed - She's not physically strong but she's very agile and can make a quick escape once she's been caught.
• Clever - when caught in a tight situation she would find a way in order to bypass the situation.
• Determined - if she sees her friends that are in trouble it becomes her fuel of determination in order to save them.
• Dexterous- she's very good at using the balisong (her favorite weapon) and is known to take it out as fast as lightning when battling.
• Sneaky - She's very stealthy and has quick reflexes

W e a k n e s s:
• Strength - is physically weak
• Clumsy - the main reason why she gets caught most of the times.
• Foolish - her foolishness/taunting an enemy is one of major downfalls
• Bad Shoulder - she has a weak spot on her left shoulder blade from an accident she had back when was in pre-school. Due to that, she cannot carry/lift heavy objects on that side. But she can manage well on her right side..
• Airhead - thoughts are most likely somewhere else and is not very focused on most battles.

H i s t o r y:
She came from a wealthy family and is the only child. They own a beautiful Inn in the countryside, that is quite famous for their wonderful hot springs. She was extremely lucky that she can afford any kind of luxury she wants. Games, Clothes, you name it, she has it.

At the age of 12 her happy family has been put to an end, when her mother caught her father cheating on her with one of the house keepers in one of the room's inn. Horrified and ridiculed her mother immediately filed a divorce, and left the Inn never to return again.

When her mother moved out she grew very irritated over her father. Being the only daughter and heir to the Inn, she has to live with her father.Which was kinda unfair since she was never close to her father to begin with.

After the divorce, she became very stubborn, and usually skips her responsibilities in helping the Inn.

At the age of 15 her father decided to cease all of her foolishness, when she pulled a prank on one of the inn's important guests by setting up a fireworks display inside their suite. He finally decided to enroll her to a privilege school, Higashimori High school. Where she might be able to learn good manners, behaving like a proper lady and how to handle her responsibilities as an heir of the inn.

Taking this as an opportunity to be separated to her father she immediately accepted his offer.

T r i v i a:
• Is a pro in Dance Dance Revolution :iconfuckyeaplz:
• Is a gamer
• Is a scaredy cat, and is easily frightened. Not very fond on horror films, horror films = insomnia
• Looking for a part time job.
• When she arrived higashimori high school, she doesn't allow her father to support her on her daily basic needs(besides the tuition fee) She claims that she wants to be independent, and she still holds a grudge against her father for cheating on her mother.

M o r p h o s P o i n t s: 10,000 MP (when accepted)
I n v e n t o r y: nothing for the meantime

Q u o t e s:
Let's Kick some ass', Jiraiya! (summong persona)
PERSONA!!!! (summong persona)
Let's do this! (summong persona)
Eat my dust! (dodging an attack)
Too slow! (dodging an attack)
Who are you aiming for? (dodging an attack)
Hah! I'm right here~ (dodging an attack)
Hah! is that the best you got?
Ouch! that hurt, stupid!*sobs* (Getting Hit)
Watch out! I'm coming back to get you (Recovering)
Now I'm serious! (Recovering)
Watch me
Huh? you're not going down? (Failure to defeat an enemy)
How's that possible?! (Failure to defeat an enemy)
Cheater! *sticks out tongue* (Failure to defeat an enemy)
Waii~! Level up (Leveling up)
Going up! (Leveling up)
I'm beat! (Battle Won)
Yay!we won! hah! (Battle Won)
Sucks to be you~ (Battle Won)
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